Manna Huang


Manna in Canton Museum

Manna Huang studied fine arts at a college in China under several Chinese masters, such as Tu Zhi Wei (涂志伟 Oil Painting American master, signature member ) and Shan Bai Qin(單柏欽). Manna works with oils, acrylics, pastels, charcoals, and Chinese ink with brushes. With these tools, she brushes life into the people and landscapes on her canvas. Manna hopes above all to create art that moves. She aims for her art to tiptoe between reality and dreams.

Through her pieces, her viewers might glimpse her deep passion for the life of her subjects. She thrives on portraits, figures, landscapes, abstract, and still life, with portraits being her favorite form of expression. It is the challenge of capturing a personís personality that draws her to portraits.

By balancing between realism and her imagination, Manna frees her art pieces from the confines of reality. There is margin in her art for viewers to dream. She hopes to not only capture the physical of the subject. She wants to capture its spirit.

She is a signature member of the Akron Society of Artists.

Mannaís work has been shown at:

Hong Kong and the Pearl River Painting and Calligraphy Institute in Guangzhou, China.
The first contemporary Chinese painting and calligraphy exhibition in Guangzhou, China.
The Massillon Museum of Fine Art 
The Canton Art Museum
Almond Tea Gallery, Cuyahoga Falls
Akron Society of Artists Member Show
One-woman show in St. Paul's Episcopal Church Art Gallery, Akron
Grace Church Art Gala, Akron
Summit Art Space, Akron
Taste Of Stow Art Show (Winner of 2001)

Besides creating her works of art, Manna also enjoys teaching in private art lessons held in her Fairlawn home, serving the greater Akron area, including Fairlawn, Copley, Bath, Stow, Hudson, Ohio.